Life After Service Transitional Coaching (LASTCo) focuses on accomplishing 2 major outcomes.

First, we assist aspiring women veterans in creating their businesses from scratch with our online program Business Launch Prep School, resulting in strong and sustainable businesses that honor their values and accommodate their dream lives.

Second, we help veteran-friendly organizations retain their good veteran new hires, resulting in a healthier bottom-line, enhanced veteran engagement, and higher veteran retention rates with our Triple-A Approach.

BLPS for the aspiring small business owner.
Aspiring Business Owner

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Veteran Retention

We all know that bearing the obligations of others can often be burdensome. Yet, there is a unique breed of women who have proudly accepted that call. These women––whether they were running toward validation or running from a life worth leaving behind to create a new one––enlisted in the military, remained resilient, and are now sharing their stories.

In the Amazon Best Seller Behind the Rank, Volume 3, Lila Holley and 19 coauthors delve into what it truly means to accept the duty to serve, despite the challenges. The pages of this narrative hold accounts from courageous military women. You will see how they endured a myriad of obstacles, from sexual assault to mental health challenges, to become shining examples of leaders dedicated to their duty to serve. Their triumphs will encourage you to courageously serve––your family, your Troops, your country, and yourself––no matter the odds.