Mistakes I made in identifying my target audience and how you may avoid them

When I started my first business I thought niche marketing was crazy. I couldn’t fathom speaking to just 1 single person when there were billions of people with internet access. I had serious FOMO. I thought if I spoke to everyone all over the world, the money would flow in. Well, I was wrong.  I’m … Continue reading Mistakes I made in identifying my target audience and how you may avoid them

What’s Important To You Is Important To Your Business!

This is the thing. When looking for a regular 9-5 your thoughts of what is important to you are generally not considered until after you find yourself in desperate need of accommodations. If not accommodations, you find yourself really annoyed or frankly pissed off, then you start to think of what is important to you. The exercise of looking for a job that shares your same values and needs are often put aside for the right location, pay, job description and advancement opportunities. For many entrepreneurs, like yourself, this isn’t enough. So let me help you break that cycle. Let’s start from square one and re-prioritize the steps necessary to create your future dynasty. The very first step you must take is to get real about what is important to you. Let me make this clear. When I say important to you, I mean Y-O-U. Not your military component, not your country, not your family, or what your religious affiliation. What is important to {fill in your name here}? Click The Title To Read More