Healing Military Trauma with Isna Tianti

Isna Tianti is first and foremost a child of The Most High. Secondly, a proud mother of three Behuetiful seeds, a three time published author, multi-talented artist, veteran of the USAF and entrepreneur. Isna Tianti is a lauded Poet, Spoken Word/Visual Artist, Designer, & Motivational Activist. She has been writing poetry and drawing since the … Continue reading Healing Military Trauma with Isna Tianti

Finding Your Target Audience

Key Points You need to talk to one person, not everyone. Be the specialist, not the generalist. Start with yourself if you have no idea who to start with. Know everything possible about the 1 person you are talking too. What is their sex, age, martial status, sexual preferences, etc. How much does she make, … Continue reading Finding Your Target Audience