A Request From A Social Media Stalker

Ok, so here it is. I'm a self protest social media stalker. I like to snoop on personal profiles, business fan pages, and groups. It gives me a glimpse of who I'm dealing with. I'm intrigued with their businesses, their education, and their hobbies. I learn so much about a business owner and their services … Continue reading A Request From A Social Media Stalker

V-Wise: What Is It, How To Apply, Why I Loved It

Eligible applicants are either active duty or reserve women service members, honorably discharge service women, or spouse/life partners of honorably discharge, active duty or reserves service women. The application process is relatively easy and quick.

10 Small Business Resources For Veterans

In my hunt for small business resources I discovered the below 10 resources. These sources are specifically designed to assist veterans develop as business owners to include find funding. The below descriptions are excerpts from their individual sites. I do not promote or specifically advocate any of the below organizations. However, I do hope you are able to receive as much help as you need from the below.