LASCTO | The Veteran Retention Minute | Day 1: Invite Your Supervisor

THE VETERAN RETENTION MINUTE: Invite Your Supervisor Day 1 of a 5 Step Process Of Engaging Your Veteran New Hire and Creating Loyalty DAY 1 - INVITE YOUR SUPERVISOR This week I'm going to share with you my strategy to help keep your veteran and non-veteran employees engaged and loyal while demonstrating your true leadership skills and confidence. So I'm going … Continue reading THE VETERAN RETENTION MINUTE: Invite Your Supervisor

Move and Building with Intuition

I know I am not just a content editor with a fabulous project management team of coaches, marketing experts, graphic artist, and techy masterminds. I’m a Literary Alchemist, and I run the Literary Alchemy Boutique. This name reflects how I see myself and the level of work I produce. I believe in magic, spirituality, and intuitive guidance from various sources. My soul clients will not shy away from the word alchemy because they assume it’s too woo woo. They will understand that alchemy simply means, “ a seemingly magical process of creation.”