Like a finely tailored dress uniform, I personalize your experience to your specific needs. Together we will develop a plan that will help you reach your greatest goals and propel your personal growth and transformation to the next level.


The below amenities are standard with any extended coaching program.

  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    • Creating freedom from assumptions that no longer serve you,
    • Gaining enlightenment about who you really are at your core,
    • Developing clarity about want you truly want and how to get it.
    • Releasing overwhelm and frustration from day to day life
    • Developing confidence in your personal abilities
  • Unlimited email support
    • Relieve your worries and fears between session, which allows you to rest and focus on more enjoyable matters
    • Propelling you pass frustration into achievement
  • A hard copy customized action plan 
    • Saves you time in finding your notes and reading your bad handwriting, and
    • Confirmation that you are on track and prepared to excel in your transformation,
  • Free membership into the Sisterhood & Wine Exclusive Facebook Group
    • Expand your businesses reach by participating in the weekly promotional events,
    • Expand your network by interacting with women veteran business owners from around the world, and
    • Interact with subject matter experts on various topics that matter most to women veterans.


  • Accountability from someone you trust
  • Freedom of limiting beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve you,
  • Increased mental bandwidth and physical energy
  • Relief of overwhelm and frustration
  • Confidence and a strong sense of empowerment about your present and future life and business,
  • An action plan customized to your individual needs, eliminating frustration and confusion as you continue on your journey, and
  • Continuous support and community from me and my exclusive Facebook group