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Using Google Alerts To Establish Credibility

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Is Your Hustle A Business Or Hobby?

In this video is discuss why the IRS, SBA, and SBDC considers your hustle a hobby and not a business. I share tips on how to rectify that.

How To Run A Business With Mental Illness

If you are in crisis or don’t know where do turn, use the below resources for help. You are not alone.

Living A Full Life With PTSD…

Suicide Prevention Life Line (800) 273-8255

National Alliance Mental Illness (NAMI) (800) 950-6264

How To Decide What Business You Want To Run

Check out the Business Concept Boot Camp this fall.

Business Concept Boot Camp group coaching program is excellent for the women veteran eager to start a business, but with no idea what business to start, or how to develop the business concept.

How To Overcome Overwhelm

Check my 1:1 coaching programs designed to provide clarity, relief from overwhelm and growth.

How To Get Press Coverage For Your Start Up

How To Start A Non-Profit

Tri-County Veterans Resource Center:…

United Way of the Piedmont – Boardmanship Training:…

South Carolina Business One Stop:

Foundation Directory Online: