Successful Foundation/ Successful Transition

This plan is created for the shero who is ready to completely transform her life and free herself of the shackles of

  • Assumptions that prevent her from moving through her past pain and into her future joy,
  • Limiting beliefs that drain her energy, and drain potential for success, and
  • Negative self talk that suffocates her.


  • 6 Months of private coaching
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
    • Developing empowering messages that propel your forward by re-framing negative self talk,
    • Creating new supportive beliefs and mindsets that fuel your energy and success.
  • Unlimited email support for 180 days
    • Provide accountability and support to keep you on track every step of the way of your journey,
    • Relieve your worries and fears between session, which allows you to rest and focus on your goals and dreams,
    • Propelling you pass frustration into achievement.
  • A hard copy customized action plan 
    • Saves you time in finding your notes and reading your bad handwriting and
    • Confirmation that you are on track and prepared to excel in your transformation.
  • Free membership into my exclusive Facebook group
    • Expand your businesses reach by participating in the weekly promotional events,
    • Expand your network by interacting with women veteran business owners from around the world, and
    • Interact with subject matter experts on various topics that matter most to women veterans.

Complimentary Session


  • A strong and supportive mindset which will allow her to accomplish her most audacious dreams,
  • Freedom to proudly state who she is and what she wants,
  • Power to live fully, authentically, and comfortably in her own skin,
  • Confidence and a strong sense of empowerment about herself, her present and her future life and business,
  • An action plan customized to her individual needs, eliminating frustration and confusion as she continues on her journey, and
  • Continuous support and community from me and my exclusive community.


Energy Leadership Assessment

Complimentary Session

What They Are Saying

Rolande S Sumner is on a mission to help women veterans in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Rolande is kind, full of useful information, and genuinely wants to be of service. I wholeheartedly recommend her group to women veteran entrepreneurs.

Jackeline Johnson, CEO of InDemand Career Development Group

Rolande’s professionalism and dedication to assisting me in reaching my goals was evident within minutes. With her guidance, I have begun the process of sorting out my dilemma and taking immediate steps toward my desired direction. I am one who understands that even coaches need a coach and I am glad to have Rolande on … Continue reading Angelina S.

Angelina S.

Thank you to my fellow Veteran Rolande S Sumner for helping me clarify a few goals. You coached me right into some actionable items that just needed clarity and boundaries. I appreciate you! You got me where I needed to be by framing up great questions and listening for what was left unsaid! 

Celeste Bethell Purdie
Complimentary Session